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Aryavrat Organic delivers unadulterated cow milk which is completely pure. We bring milk from the farmers of Rajastham. This cow milk is farm fresh and milked from Indian cows through traditional method under proper hygienic conditions. 


Aryavrat ensures standard techniques and hygienic processes which are safe and transparent. The milk is delivered within few hours of milking as this is unpasteurized raw milk. The milk is delivered in Glass packed sealed bottles as plastic packets are harmful for human health. Along with human health we are trying are best to follow environment friendly methods. 




1. Strengthens Bones & Muscles 
2. Improves Brain Health and Memory
3. Good for Weight Loss and higher level of Antioxidants
4. Keeps your Heart Healthy as it Unadulterated 
5. Rich in Quality Protein and more Omega 3 fatty acid


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