A2 Milk is much healthier than other milk. It is very easy to digest & also contains all the essential Nutrients required. The A2 Milk has better taste & contains A2 Beta Caesin Protein. It is obtained from Desi breeds only like Rathi, Gir & Sahiwal.
Yes, we grind the flour as per your order. The process used to grind the flour is traditionally stone chakki Method. This is used to grind the grains at favorable temperature so that all the essential nutrients are not killed at the high temperature.
Our products are directly received from the farms of Rajasthan. These products are grown by certified organic farmers which uses organic farming techniques such as Rain water Harvesting & Sprinkler Water technique at the time of farming. No chemical, fertilizers, pesticide is added, organic manure or cow dung is used to grow the crops.
Milk is maintained at 4 degree Celsius temperature. It has been requested to you that please boil & keep the milk once you receive it.
No, We do not use any chemical in our Milk. It is provided in Raw, Unpasteurized, Unadulterated form to the consumers. Thus, we request them to boil the milk at the time they receive them.
Yes, Our Spices are crushed with the help of Mortar & Pestle (Okhali) to retain the natural, freshness, aroma & the original nutrients.