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At Aryavrat Organic, Multi Grain Flour contains Whole wheat, Oats(Jai), Maize (Makka), Chickpeas (Kala chana), Millet (Bajra),  Sorghum (Jowar) and Barley (jo) most of these yields are from Rajasthan without any residual pesticide or harmful fertilizers. It is the perfect mixture of those essential grains which are otherwise difficult to include in our diets individually. All the grains are grinded through traditional milling process which facilitate in retaining the micro-nutrients of the grains. The moisture less Multi Grain flour is rich in Calcium & Magnesium is produced according to the demand and the grains can used can be customized according to the consumers need. It is full of fiber, protein, vitamin, energy & minerals and by adding small amount in daily diet can help feel more active, healthier and energetic.



1. Diabetic Friendly
2. Helps prevent Anaemia
3. Provides Energy
4. Rich in Folic Acid
5. Good for Bones, Eyes, Skin & Brain

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